Fairy Falls & Beyond

Distance: 600m one-way (final waterfall)
Time: 1hr one-way
Dangers: Falling & Stinging tree

Stinging Tree Note
This photo shows the leaf of a stinging tree, this is the one plant you want to avoid at all costs while walking through the rainforest. The pain has been descried as being burnt by hot acid and electrocuted at the same time

Fairy Falls walk begins at Crystal Cascades, however the track does not start from the pathway of Crystal Cascades. Crystal Cascades is located 20kms from the Cairns CBD down in the Redlynch Valley taking about 25mins to drive.

When turning into the carpark as you pass the toilet block you will notice a sign and path that leads off into the bush, this is the start to get to Fairy Falls.

The walk to fairy falls itself is only 300m on flat terrain. This is a great spot to cool off in the summer months, however it is just the one swimming hole which can get crowded at times. There are fresh water yabbies here.

About 30m back on the track looking at the falls you will see a slight path that leads right up the mountainside, this is the major climb to get to the other waterfalls beyond Fairy Falls. You will notice at about 150-200m a slight path off to the right, follow this as it hugs the mountain face as you wrap around to on top of Fairy Falls. Here you will notice another small set of falls.

From here directly across from where you just entered you will see a small mound of rocks and foliage leading to a small rock wall, here you are able to use the vines to climb up or just climb up the rocks. On top you will notice the track goes to the left follow the track down to the next stream. Please be aware there are sting trees around!

Walk/climb up the left hand side of the rocks by the waterfall and you will already be able to see the final waterfall. Once up top cross over the creek, for the best views you will need to climb up some rock ledges where a path then leads to right in front of this spectacular waterfall.

Note: I did continue to follow the creek up past these falls but land just flattens out a bit and the creek became wider.

Track Taken