Alexandra Falls & Blue Hole

Alexandra Falls and the Blue Hole is located within the Daintree National Park, Far North Queensland.
The Daintree is a 2 hour drive north of Cairns providing a picturesque drive along coast shoreline, there are many spots along the drive to pull over if you wish to enjoy one of the beaches, there is also the Rex lookout providing 180 degree views of the coastline. Bypass Port Douglas and head towards Mossman, go straight through Mossman and follow the main road for around an hour before you turn off to the right and head for the Daintree River ferry.
The Daintree River ferry charges for most motor vehicles $14 one-way or $25 return.
Entrance to driveway
Once across the river follow the Cape Tribulation Road, watch out for Cassowaries. After 18km you will come to Turpentine Road, turn left here. If you get to Coopers Creek, you have missed the turn off and head back. Once on Turpentine Road follow the road for 850m down and you will see a driveway on your right, sometimes there will be a gate across saying "Emergency vehicle access", park on the side of the road, you will notice that its been used heavily by cars pulling over on the side. You will know if you missed the driveway if you come to the Heritage Lodge & Spa the driveway is about 150m before.

Blue Hole

Walk down the driveway where at 400m you will come to this sign.

 Please respect this area, you will notice a track that goes off behind the sign follow the track through less than 100m and you will arrive at the blue hole.

Alexandra Falls

Walk back to the information sign on the blue holes and follow the driveway down to the creek. From here the journey begins, the walk is technically very easy you shouldn't be able to get lost, just follow the creek all the way up to the falls. With that said there is one section of the creek which breaks off from the main creek do not go down this creek continue to follow the main creek around the bend. The walk is approximately 3.7km, time will depend on many factors, which include, did you take shoes, has the weather been sunny and the rocks are dry, are you fishing along the way. It took a mate and I 3 hours to get to the falls we went barefooted, and it was raining the entire time so most rocks were slippery to an extent and we fished along the way. With appropriate footwear and blue skies I believe the walk can well and truly be done within 2 hours.
The walk is definitely one of the nicer and more enjoyable walks I have done, there are small blue holes continually along the creek on the walk up which have just as captivating back drops, from the large trees old trees of the Daintree to small shrubbery and ferns. The last kilometer of walking, provides a lot more rock hoping than peacefully walking up the relaxing cool stream. Once at the falls there is a final little scramble up the left hand side on the rocks to get right up to the base of the waterfall.
Walk to Alexandra Falls